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About Us

VERACOVER is a unique and world class multi-functional device that provides security and vital solutions against harsh weather condition, denting and body scratching, vandalism and car theft.
It is body-friendly to cars, portable, fully automatic and very easy to install in any car, being compact size, full size, station wagon or SUV.
It is just like carrying your garage along with you!
It’s portable and can be used everywhere

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VERACOVER shelters your car when you park wherever you are in public or private places like a playground, airport or supermarket.


Few minutes or several hours, your car is safe as can be thanks to this inflatable cover VERACOVER consist of a hard case simply positioned on the roof of the car.


VERACOVER releases the cover (wound inside) inflated by air, when you press a button on a remote.

VeraCover , CAR PARTS

It unfurls and outstretches in a radial direction and forms an umbrella over the whole car.


When you don’t require protection anymore, just press a button on a remote .
Your job is done !
The cover deflates and goes back into the hard case on top.



It is just like carrying your garage along with you! It's portable and
can be used everywhere.

100% Automatic

It is operated using the remote control. You don’t need to physically drag the cover down from top or exert any kind of force. Just press the button !


Don’t like permanent fixtures on your car ? No problem! This cover is easily removable from the roof.

Weather Protection

It is incorporated with a special feature that develops an air pocket around the body of the car, which acts as a barrier and doesn’t allow the temperature to rise.

Damage Resistant

Vandals can scratch the car, break windows, shatter the windscreen, and much more. A car parked too close can lead to nicks and dents if they bump into your vehicle.


Any attempt to steal your car would require burglars to lift the cover from the windscreen while driving, which will act like a red flag that there is something fishy.




Phone: +393775484873

Address: 25125 Brescia Italy

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